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Friday Night Super Tacos


Some time ago, I was in search of culinary inspiration and asked my readers for good food blog suggestions. One of you beautiful people told me about The Pioneer Woman and ever since then I have been hooked. She’s really inspired me to take better pictures of the food I make which I’m finding to be harder than it looks. I blame it all on the really bad lighting in my kitchen.

Also, can I just say that I have been so absorbed by the “cooking” section of her website, that I just discovered and started reading the “confessions” section yesterday? She makes me chuckle every other sentence and sorta makes me wish that I lived on a ranch could visit a ranch for a weekend.

So anyway, this weekend, Alan and I did a lot of dining in in my attempt to spare restaurant-goers from my constant nose blowing and sad, weary face. On Friday, one of us had the foresight to thaw some beef (leftover from a beef stew we had made a while back) which meant that we needed to get clever since neither of us cooks much with beef. I wanted to see what we could make with $10, and as it turns out, a whole lotta deliciousness.

Alan chopped up the meat into bite sized pieces and sauteed it with garlic and onions. He seasoned using salt, pepper and red chili flakes. Then, for good measure, he threw the entire can of beans right into the pan. He lives on the edge, that Alan.

Meanwhile, I prepared our taco toppings. Must haves in a beef taco are sliced avocado, onions, cilantro and a spritz of lime. I also heated the corn tortillas on the stove on high.

After cooking the meat and beans to a taco-y consistency, we were ready to assemble and chow down. We ate our dinner while watching The Princess and The Frog (because nothing says Fiesta like a Disney movie!) Anyway, I’d highly recommend it, it was so cute.

Friday Night Super Tacos
Yields: 9 tacos

A can of pinto beans $1.09
Avocado $0.99
Corn tortillas $2.79
Cilantro $1.79
1 onion $0.99
2 limes $0.58
Beef (leftover from another recipe) $0.00
Shredded cheese (from our never ending Costco supply) $0.00

Total $8.23

I was really tickled with how great these turned out and how budget friendly they were. As a point of comparison, the going rate for super tacos at our favorite local taqueria is $3 a pop. If we had gone out for tacos, for $8.23, we could have had any combination of the following: 1 taco each and 1 Coke, 2 tacos for me and none for Alan, 1/2 a taco for me, 1/2 for Alan, and a game of Rochambeau for the second taco, or a large basket of chips with guacamole. While these could all make for decent meals, none are as satisfying as the six tacos we ate between the two of us for dinner that night.

Last modified: January 10, 2019