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A Sweet Goodbye


While some may think it’s best to keep goodbye parties short and sweet, my friend Preethi decided small and sweet was the better way to go (and she was so right). She’s moving to D.C. this month, and at her party, she served dangerously delicious, tiny, bite-size desserts.

These chocolate chip cookies were so small they were about the size of quarters! Even though they were teeny they were still really soft and moist.

I could have eaten about a gazillion of these mini, super moist black bottom cupcakes, but I decided to be nice and leave some for others. Even Alan, who doesn’t like chocolate, loved these. They inspired him to learn how to make carrot cake bottomed cupcakes.

My favorite dessert of the night had to be the mini fruit tart bar. Preethi made her very own lemon curd (sooo delish)!

I’ll miss you, Preethi and Birt!

Last modified: January 10, 2019