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Camping Trip No. 3


If I had to sum up the camping trip from this past weekend in three words, they would be hot, dusty and s’more-licious. Lake Amador was really beautiful (look at those colors!) and our campsite was right on the edge of it.

We even had our own “swim pond” which was like our own private little part of the lake. To go in for a dip, you had to climb down an equal parts dusty and muddy hill. Once you got to the edge of the water, you had to do a careful slip and slide down the bank. Alan loved floating around in the water.

Bathing suits and sunglasses: the uniform of choice for camping in hot hot heat.

This is Lulabelle the French bulldog. She was so sweet. I wonder what she was thinking about looking out over the water.

I loved the light in our tent.

But most of all, I loved the s’mores! I must have eaten a gazillion.

Nothing beats campfire-roasted marshmallows — perfection!

Last modified: January 10, 2019