Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Delights

A cafe within a cafe -- Stockton

What is green, petite and delicious? My friend Korb's green bell peppers! He grew them himself. They are so adorable.

This is my friend Brett's living room. That wallpaper gives me major wallpaper envy.

Other delights from around the web:

Pretty handwritten wedding invites

Refreshing raspberry lemonade (I'm thinking of trying this recipe for my party tomorrow)

Party-perfect paper straws

My friend Preethi just told me about this awesome lunch box she has by black+blum. I think this would be so cute and functional to brighten up a boring desk.

Fall color trends (I'm a big fan of the rich purple)

Have a happy weekend! Tonight I'm off to get ready for my blog relaunch party tomorrow. Pictures to be posted Monday! :)


T said...

I'm getting so excited for tomorrow!! Can't wait to see the cuteness you have created for us. So proud of you, Sob!

Tonia said...

Those straws are making me long for a tall glass of lemonade! Have a great party!

Breenuh said...

A cafe within a cafe? That boggles my mind! (In a good way.)

The paper straws are lovely, but don't they start to fall apart?

Sobrina Tung said...

I think so, that's my only hesitation with them. But they are so cute!

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