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Summer Reading and Raspberry Lemonade


If I had infinite time, I would spend more of it reading books and practicing yoga, two things that have fallen off recently in this crazy parade of life. Alan devours books, and so on a recent trip to the library with him, I checked out a few myself. I am normally more of a fiction reader, but when I passed by the non-fiction section, I was drawn to so many good reads there.

I’m currently reading The Lost Art of Walking by Geoff Nicholson. As a regular walker myself, the title grabbed me and I’ll admit that I was kind of surprised and curious about how someone could write an entire book on such a simple subject. It’s been pretty interesting, and I’ve liked learning about all the great writers who were also avid walkers.

The other books I like having around so that I can flip open for a dose of inspiration and eye candy are:
1. The Way We Live with the Things We Love – I find the home space to be one of the most intimate and real places to learn about people and what matters most to them, and so am forever fascinated with all things home-related (aside from plumbing and the like, I suppose). This book focuses on how people display their collections of objects. Sometimes they are absolutely amazing and a place I would want to model my own home from, and sometimes they are a little creepy (but beautiful nonetheless in their own right).
2. Paperie for Inspired Living – So many great, creative ideas on how to use paper to spice up your life in this one. Now if only I were better at Photoshop…
3. A Twist of the Wrist – This is an interesting cookbook which I started reading because of the seductive pasta dish on the front cover. All the recipes promise to be easy by using jarred, canned and boxed ingredients, but the recipes still look really intimidating. I don’t know if I’m going to get much further than drooling over the pretty pictures in this one.
4. The Book of Photography – Maybe it will teach me a new thing or two (or a million).

Since it doesn’t look like infinite time is getting here anytime soon, yesterday I made raspberry lemonade (which turned out fantastic!) and spent the rest of the day reading. (Side note: I find the act of making lemonade oddly very soothing… I wonder what that says about me?)

Last modified: January 10, 2019