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Jennifer + Mike Say I Do!


This morning, before I’d had breakfast, I cried. Later this afternoon, before my first bite of lunch, I cried some more. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much on such a happy day–my good friends Jennifer and Mike tied the knot! Their wedding was so sweet and seeing all of Jennifer’s planning unfold was such a treat. I loved all of the day’s little details (aside from the smeared eye makeup 😉

Isn’t she beautiful? Her vintage dress suits her perfectly.

She wore a birdcage veil she fashioned herself. So crafty she is!

She is the first (and only) person I knew in college who made her own homemade whipped cream (for topping slices of pie with while watching the Gilmore Girls). Can you see why I love her?

Her man Mike loves her too. I am so, so happy for them.

Her mom Ivy is such a talented florist–she created all the beautiful floral pieces. I would like to have this flower wrapped umbrella in my cube for always.

Pretty spreads.

This was my first time having cake pops. I was surprised at how moist the red velvet cake inside was.

I thought their photo guest book was a fun twist on the traditional idea. The polaroids were a big hit!

Hand-crafted programs.

The house they got married at overlooked the ocean and was absolutely ridiculous. There were tons of awesome places to take fun pictures. I’ll share more pics of the house tomorrow.

Congratulations, lovebirds! Thanks for letting me share in your special day. xoxo

Last modified: January 10, 2019