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R&R: 3 Ways to Calm Frazzled Nerves


Even though it was the first official weekend of fall, temperatures in the Bay reached the 90s. I knew my brain was on the verge of overheating when I woke up on Saturday and the first thing I did was start worrying about when I was going to take my car in for its tune-up (among a gazillion–trust me, a gazillion– other inane things). When I start feeling this level of anxiety creep over me, I try to make it a point to remind myself to relax and that my car is not actually going to blow up if it goes another day or two un-tuned. This weekend I found the best combination of things to do should another worry-wart attack/heat wave pop up again. Here are three of my favorite things to do that are guaranteed to calm even the most frazzled nerves (and keep you cool):

1) Have tea with a friend. Iced tea at Lovejoy’s (pictured above) is particularly refreshing on hot days. Their cozy ambiance and scones with Devonshire cream make me want to linger here for hours.

2) Catch up on all your favorite magazines. I love these ones 🙂

3) Visit the ocean. Wading into the icy cold water one foot at a time was such a thrill–I couldn’t stop laughing, it was so cold!

Last modified: January 10, 2019