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Calling Cards


Sometimes A lot of the time I will get into conversations with people about my blog (it’s hard not to when you have friends and family like mine who love publicizing for me 🙂 Quiet Like Horses isn’t the easiest thing for people to remember, so I decided to have calling cards made up for people interested in visiting. My talented friend Phuong designed these for me — aren’t they adorable? My favorite part is how the leaf design is reversed out on the other side.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think a pretty calling card can make quite an impact and help people remember you. Case in point: my friends Sue and Thai recently went on a trip to the East Coast (I was jealous) and brought me back a couple of unique cards from two Brooklyn businesses (I’ve never been, but Brooklyn seems so cool). They’re the top two — the oversized one from domestic construction and the one that reminds me of a rucksack from nydesignroom. The bright red one is from a tiny bar my friends and I discovered on a fantastic, insane 3-day trip to London a few years ago. I keep it out on my dresser because it reminds me of all the craziness and fun of that trip which is a nice way to start the morning.

p.s. Quiet Like Horses is now on Facebook at Facebook.com/QuietLikeHorses! Come on over — join the party! 😀

Last modified: January 10, 2019