Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Etsy Vintage Decor

Back in September, my cousin Denise asked me to help her decorate her guest bedroom. I leapt at the chance to decorate an entire room and have had so much fun these past few months finding all the right pieces. I'll be revealing the finished room to Denise this weekend, and I really hope she likes it! (I'll be posting all about it next week :)

One thing I found in my decor hunt is that it can be a challenge finding unique pieces. The obvious answer to me was to buy vintage (plus, vintage touches look great in any room), but there weren't as many nearby and worthwhile places to shop as I'd hoped. Next Sunday, I'm headed to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire with my friend Irene to check out the goods -- there are so many rave reviews, it has to be worth a trip. In the meantime, I've found a treasure trove of vintage goodies on Etsy. Here are a few of my favorite decorating ideas:

Keepin' It Brassy: Ideas for Your Desk (above)
Brass apple trinket box: This would be such a cute hideaway for paper clips or ponytail holders.
Brass heart key paper weight: Golden keys + hearts add a playful touch to any desk.

Statement Pieces: For the Bookshelf
Display Globe: Showcase your favorite collection in a unique glass globe.
Mozart Ceramic Bust: Spiff up any space with this classic, stately piece.

Letters & Numbers: For Anywhere
These vintage letters and numbers would look great on a shelf, in the bedroom, or even in the kitchen.

Bottle It Up: Bathroom Baubles
Apothecary bottles and specimen jars brighten the room with a bit of cool mad scientist allure.


Sashee said...

Wow - Love it ALL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

totally just saved the apple and globe to my christmas wish list i not so sneakily submit to my husband. these are awesome!

Anonymous said...

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