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How to Decorate A Guest Bedroom for Under $450


When my cousin Denise asked me to help her decorate her guest bedroom, I was excited. When it became clear that Denise trusted me to do whatever the heck I wanted, I was beside myself. (But nervous at the same time — I really wanted her and her hubs to like the room!) I was given a budget of $500, but because I like challenges, I gave myself a self-imposed budget of $450. After weeks of scouring vintage stores, Etsy, big box stores, and designer stores (for inspiration) for all the perfect pieces, I ended up spending a total of just $442! Now, depending on where you stand in life on home decor, that may seem like a lot, but given the fact that I have friends who have spent that much on a single mirror or chair, I think that is pretty darn good. The only thing that’s not part of that $442 is the mattress and box spring (they already had those ;).

I created an inspiration board of what I wanted the room to look and feel like. Then I turned my attention to finding and buying similar items at more affordable stores like Target and Ikea. And while buying home decor from big box stores like these are nothing to turn your nose up at, I do think it’s important to also add a balance by finishing the room off with some unique pieces to show off your personal style. (I’m not going to lie–buying framed art from Ikea makes me shudder). Here, I got the snowy partridges and yellow leaves photograph from Etsy. And I spent a good while walking back and forth through the used book store searching for the right colored books (I know, I was so shamelessly judging books by their covers–I’ve never felt so devious!)

I have always wanted to use a tray table as a bedside table — this one from CB2 works quite lovely. This urn vase is from a vintage store nearby. I love its shape and how it holds flowers.

Can you tell what the color theme is?

A bold red chair adds a pop of unexpected color.

This comforter is from Target and was a fraction of the price of some designer ones I found just like it. It has little buttons where the pleats are gathered, and the detail is really amazing for such an affordable comforter.

Here is how much I spent on everything!
(Not pictured: Red chair from Ikea $34.99; curtains from Ikea $49.99; curtain rod from Ikea $7.99; yellow rug from Target $14.99)

Here are the doppelganger comforters; the set from Anthropologie is nearly as much as my budget for the entire room!

P.s. I’m teaching myself Photoshop — I hope you like my first attempts at creating layouts! ๐Ÿ™‚

Last modified: January 10, 2019