Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(a simple paper banner I made for Saturday's party which reminds me of resolution #3)

When I was younger, around this time of year, I would sit and fill an entire page of binder paper (college ruled) with new year's resolutions. They spanned the gamut from the specific and mundane -- e.g. keep backpack tidier -- to the more elusive -- e.g. be happy. Eventually I realized that I could keep about, oh, one resolution going for at least a solid month if I really tried, and then for the past few years I'd given up on them all together. For some reason, this year, I felt compelled to jot a few down.

1) Sleep better. This will be enormously challenging for me since I am the type of person who needs at least 8 hours of sleep but who finds there are always 20 more things to get done before bed. I find myself staying up late all the time even though I know how much better I'd feel in the mornings if I only went to bed earlier.

2) Eat better. Specifically, I'm going to attempt to cut potato chips out of my diet because I noticed that when the smokers at work step outside for a smoke, I join them for a bowl of chips. Which is then accompanied by my chips with lunch and my chips for my mid-afternoon snack. Yes, addiction comes in many forms.

3) Simplify. The process of packing and moving has forced me to take a cold hard look at the many knick knacks I've accumulated over the years. More than once this week, I've had to ask myself do I really need this old wad of receipts or will these ear bud attachments that I've never worn before ever come in handy? So next year, I am going to really try to live simply. And tidily.


Anonymous said...

Great resolutions! I need to post mine ,too!

katie said...

i especially like the one about living simply!! that is also one i will trying to live by..

Breenuh said...

I completely know what you mean about there being 20 more things to do before getting into bed. I do that & then get all worked up running around the house or whatever & can't fall asleep. All three are great resolutions. Good luck :.)

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