Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Almost adventure time

Chicken Little Dumplings

Our trip to Asia is just a few days away, and not to sound like a broken record, but I absolutely cannot wait for this 3-week break. I plan on reading a giant stack of magazines on the long plane ride, eating lots of the free peanuts (or maybe they will have better goodies than that?), reading non-serious books on the beach, not getting eaten by mosquitoes, and taking lots of pictures of the place where my parents grew up.

Our first stop is Hong Kong where we'll be visiting Hong Kong Disney and our friend Matt. Almost as excited as I am to see him thousands of miles away from home, I am almost equally as excited to eat cute Asian Disneyland foods, like these Chicken Little dumplings!

(photo via flickr)


Mary said...

Happy New Year and Happy holiday too!


Kristine said...

Those little chickens are too adorable to eat. I love the pre holiday anticipation, it is half the fun!

Sue said...

Wish I was going with you guys too! :(

Breenuh said...

I'd love to visit Hong Kong someday. Jonty & I have a friend there, too. Have an amazing time, & take lots of photos to share with us!

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