Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Awesome CV

William Burks Spencer's CV is one of the raddest I've ever seen. The nerd in me is really enjoying the x- and y-axis element, while the copywriter in me is digging the cheekiness of his work.

I am totally procrastinating on doing laundry (but the laundry room is dark and cold and has bugs and can you blame me?) and packing for Friday, but I didn't really do a "to see" post today and it is Wednesday after all, so hope you enjoyed it :) Off to add more quarters to the dryer which dries in sad 20 minute intervals.

1 comment:

Breenuh said...

That's the coolest CV ever! I'm helping Jonty start a CV design company (, & I hope to come up with some creative designs like this!

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