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Hong Kong: the highlights


taking the subway everywhere

Hong Kong was a surprise. Before I arrived, I had absolutely no expectations whatsoever, so after I’d had a chance to explore a bit, I realized that I rather liked it. If there’s one thing to say about it, I will say that the city moves–the people, the subways, the night. Everything is in constant motion, and with my (relatively) slow Californian mosey, I often felt like I was being swept up and moved along. After I got used to the Hong Kong notion of personal space (that is, no notion of personal space), the city and I got along just fine. I could definitely see it being a fun place to live for a year or so, and maybe in that time, I’d also get used to receiving a single paper napkin (if any at all) when dining out and spending my non-working life in a mall (malls were everywhere!) Here were some of the highlight’s from my 5-day trip.

waiting just 5 minutes to ride Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disney

taking the second longest escalator (in the world?) through the posh Central district

hiking to Victoria’s Peak (which, at the very top, did not have an observatory waiting for us or some sort of educational poster to tell us about the different species of birds found in the area, but a mall!)

eating insanely good dim sum, especially the shanghai dumplings

trekking up to the ten thousand buddhas monastery

the bustling nightlife

Last modified: January 10, 2019