Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Piece of Home in Phnom Penh: Brown Coffee

[jasmine flower bundle. they give off an intoxicating fragrance]

My three-week trip to Asia was the longest I've been away from home in the past 15 years. Even though being thousands of miles away from anything familiar was exhilarating, it also started to wear on me as I'm a total homebody. When I discovered Brown, a Phnom Penh coffee shop that looked like it could belong down the street from my apartment back home, I was thrilled. I found it comforting to eat a buttery danish, sip a well-made latte, and just people watch (especially all the ex-pats busy at work -- what were they all working on?)

[cool concrete walls balanced by warm wood furniture]

[delicious pastries on the cheap!]

[homebody nourishment]


Sweet Little Eunice said...

I can't believe it -- "Phnom Penh" was just in my morning crossword puzzle! That food looks great, but I wish I could smell the jasmine flower bundle from here!

Nathalie said...

Those were a few ex-pats in there. I also wonder what type of work they were doing there.

AW said...

Hey you, write more about Cambodia and cool stuff!

I can learn about getting a leaf design in my latte right here in the Bay Area!

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