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Thomas Keller Oreos


When I had my first Thomas Keller Oreo, I loved the pretty fluted edge, the rich, crunchy chocolate cookies and the sweet, almost indescribable filling. I’d be in big trouble if Bouchon were closer to me, so it’s probably a good thing the Yountville location is too far away for a weekly visit. I decided to try and make his iconic cookies myself to satisfy my recent Oreo craving. I found the recipe here, and after reading it over a few times, wondered why I hadn’t made these before. Except for the white chocolate, I already had all the ingredients in my pantry, and the directions looked simple enough.

Well, two hours later, I learned two things: 1) white chocolate ganache, which I always thought sounded so fancy and so assumed was hard to make, is actually super easy to make (it’s essentially heavy cream and melted white chocolate) and 2) these cookies owned me. I kept rolling the dough out too thin, creating brittle chocolate wafers that crumbled at the slightest touch. They definitely would not hold up to the task of sandwiching the ganche and looked really sad. After a few batches, I finally got a few worth photographing but ended up dumping most of the anemic ones. I will say, though, that aside from looking very much unlike a Thomas Keller Oreo, they were pretty good — chocolatey with a nice kick of salt (Alan was not so much a fan of the salt). And the white chocolate ganache was so much better than I remember.

Last modified: January 10, 2019