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A New Appreciation


Update: We heard back from the geneticist this morning and the preliminary news is that Alan tested negative and doesn’t have anything to worry about — HURRAY!

Many people started reading this blog in the midst of a very scary time in my life when Alan was battling late stage colorectal cancer at the age of 25. It’s been just about a year now since he had his last operation and finished all treatment, and I’ve been wanting to write an update post about how great he’s doing now. But then, a few weeks ago, his oncologist brought up Lynch Syndrome as a new potential concern that he should get tested for. Basically, people with Lynch Syndrome are more likely to get colon cancer at a younger age (like he did), and they have an increased risk for a ton of other scary cancers. He’s getting tested for it now, and we’re anxiously holding our breath that he tests negative. Thinking about him possibly relapsing tears me up inside and makes me feel sick, it always has and probably always will. But when I think about things like that, it really does make me stop to appreciate all the sweet, seemingly small things that I take for granted every day. (And for now, they are a nice distraction).

{like how my cousins Denise + Justin brought back the prettiest box of Laduree macarons for me from their recent trip to Paris}

{like how Alan didn’t judge me when I ate 7 macarons in less than 5 minutes on the car ride home and didn’t even ask for a bite}

{like watching my friends Preethi + Birt be cute and lovey at their engagement ceremony}

{like Preethi’s mom grabbing my hand to lead me upstairs so she could dress me in traditional Indian-celebration attire + jewelry}

{like convincing Alan to try the cod roe, snow crab, bacon, wild mushroom pizza at Gochi and having it taste so good}

{like waiting until Saturday to buy flowers from the little sweet lady at the farmer’s market + seeing them brighten up a room}

Last modified: January 10, 2019