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How To Create a Simple Ergonomic Workspace


When I first had the idea to create a “home office” space (really, just putting a desk next to Alan’s in a nook in our living room), I had grand ideas about what tchotchkes I’d put on my desk and how I’d decorate it. Soon after I got my West Elm Parsons desk though, I quickly realized that what was most important was getting it ergonomically set up. Pretty geeky, I know, but when you spend as much time as I do on the computer, it really matters! Because your forearms should create right angles with your upper arms when you type, I knew I needed some kind of sliding keyboard tray underneath my desk. The problem with the Parsons desk is that it already has sliding drawers. My solution: the Ikea Dave desk. For just $19.99, this little desk fits perfectly underneath my desk and is big enough to comfortably fit a wireless keyboard and mouse. Since it has its own leg to stand on, there was no drilling or installation required. I love it!

{my desk chair is from the alameda flea}

{a mini terrarium sits on my desk as a long lasting alternative to fresh cut flowers}

{a pink and white chevron striped trash can adds a happy pop of color}

{a simple ergonomic set up}

Last modified: January 10, 2019