Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Splash Cafe

Alan and I spent the Fourth of July at Pismo Beach. It was a long drive there and back, but it was worth it because I finally got to eat at Splash Cafe after a failed attempt last July. Splash is famous for their clam chowder, which, I'll admit, was impressively creamy and rich, but what I really loved were their steamed clams. They came in some sort of tomato/butter/wine sauce that I couldn't stop dipping my extra bread into. We also got an order of sea scallops and chips to share, but I ate most of those since Alan's not a big scallop fan. They were well-seasoned and definitely tasty, but were overshadowed by my love connection with the clams. I need to find a recipe for that sauce ASAP.


Bronwyn said...

These look delicious and summery - perfect for the fourth!


Ezra Gordon said...

I went there a few months ago with my wife and loved it!

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