Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best Response to the Introduction of Qwikster.com

Are you following all the shenanigans surrounding Netflix lately? They recently announced a new pricing structure which certainly riled a few feathers, but late Sunday their CEO Reed Hastings sent out an email to let everyone know they're splitting up their streaming and DVD by mail service entirely. Their DVD by mail service is getting completely re-branded and will now be known as Qwikster.com, while their streaming service will still go by Netflix. But the best part, and perhaps the most maddening of all, is that the sites won't be integrated. From the 21,857 comments posted on Reed's blog post (the one above made me laugh), no one else seems to get it either. Since I'm a total movie junkie, I just downgraded to streaming movies only, but I wonder how many people will be canceling their Netflix subscriptions altogether. Do you subscribe to Netflix? What do you think about this new change?  

p.s. a really funny comic on this topic (thanks Sarah!)


Sashee said...

super funny :)

Briel79 said...

That's weird. I didn't get that email. When they first announced that it would be twice as much for dvd's & streaming I cut my account to just do the dvd's since I haven't been watching much lately anyways but maybe streaming would be better actually. I was thinking of cancelling all together though. We'll see. I really don't get why they thought splitting to two companies would be smart!

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