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Shaver Lake


Our weekend in Shaver Lake was so much fun and full of surprises. The lake itself was gorgeous and nestled right in the woods. The lake wasn’t as cold as I was worried it’d be, and actually I loved swimming around in it.
Our friend Ali was our gracious host. She baked loaves of wheat bread so that everyone could have fresh toast in the mornings. It was wonderful. And Greg, her cat, minded his manners and wore a bow tie.

One of the biggest surprises of the weekend was that when we pulled up to the cabin, we found out that it wasn’t really a cabin at all. We’d been told that the house was really big, but we weren’t prepared for the vaulted ceilings, the expansive windows, and all that space! 
I loved all the cabin-y decor. This was from the room we stayed in.

The scale of everything was so huge. Especially this beautiful mantel that spanned across an entire wall.

Another cabin room. Doesn’t it just feel like a lodge?

We spent a lot of time in the backyard in the hot tub, making smores by the fire pit or just lounging around.

The deck was a fun place to talk, read, and eat on.

I was obsessed with the cabin’s espresso machine and had at least two lattes a day. It was nice to sip a cup and wake up outside in the sun.

Everyone took turns cooking meals throughout the entire weekend. It was exciting to find out what we’d be having throughout the day. One morning we had crepes 🙂

Shaver Lake has a teeny downtown area where you can buy their famous chunky bread (super delish) or just stroll around. One afternoon we got pizza and poked around in a few antique shops. These flowers on the side of the road were so pretty.

My absolute favorite part of the entire weekend was the impromptu variety show I got after I half-jokingly requested one on the night of my birthday. Everyone performed, even Greg. There was break dancing, singing, guitar playing, high-five demonstrations, contortionists, stand up comedians, and lots of dancing. I felt like the luckiest girl!
Then at the end of the trip, I met mild-mannered Max (who arrived much later than everyone) who reminded me of a fluffy bear, such a good cabin dog.
{Max’s twin; do you see the resemblance?}

Last modified: January 10, 2019