Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New favorite burger place: Naglee Park Garage

This weekend I (finally!) watched The Princess Bride — which is as good as everyone says it is — and discovered my new favorite burger place in San Jose: Naglee Park Garage. Alan and I are always on the lookout for a good burger, and I'm ecstatic we found this place because it's so close to home. I've probably driven by it a good number of times, but it's so tiny I've never noticed it before. Their burgers are perfect: big and juicy with a side of thick-cut fries. So perfect for a Friday night! For dessert we ordered the vanilla bread pudding but forgot to wait for it and got up and left after eating our burgers. I realized halfway home and made Alan turn back. The restaurant was so happy I'd come back for it, and after tasting the whipped cream, so was I. 

(Top and bottom photo from Yelp, middle photo c/o my iPhone)


Briel79 said...

Looks delicious! Is it lunch time yet?

I can't believe you'd never seen The Princess Bride! INCONCEIVABLE! I'm glad you finally watched it and saw how good it was. :)

Stacy said...

Robbie and I LOVE the Garage, it's one of our favorite places. The sweet potato fries are completely delish, and I am so glad you went back for your bread pudding! It's SOOOO yummy!

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