Monday, November 14, 2011


It's pomegranate season! I loved pomegranates as a kid because the seeds inside reminded me of lost treasure — all these glistening rubies just waiting to be found. Nowadays, I love them because they remind me of the holidays. Using the seeds to make festive ice cubes is one of my favorite party tricks.

Using a sharp knife, cut a pomegranate in half from top to bottom and then use your hands to carefully pick out all the seeds. (Tip: Don't wear a white shirt!) Drop a few seeds in each ice cube compartment, fill with water, and freeze. Even a simple glass of water looks like it's ready to have a good time :)

And two other pomegranate party ideas I love:


T said...

my mom makes us pom chutney for thanksgiving instead of cranberry sauce...AMAZING

Shoko said...

Pomegranate place cards are brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

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