Thursday, January 12, 2012

Battlestar Galactica: The Stuff Compulsive New Year's Eve Marathons Are Made Of

Remember last week when I said Alan and I stayed home on New Year's Eve to eat pizza and have a Battlestar Galactica marathon? When I went back to work on Tuesday, everyone was all abuzz with what they did to celebrate, and I felt a little embarrassed to tell them about our plans. Not because it sounds nerdy, but because... well, because we finished the whole entire series. I mean, we didn't watch all 5 seasons during the 3-day weekend (annoyingly, we did have to take bathroom breaks and go out to get more pizza from time to time—too bad we're not toasters!) but pretty close to it.

My co-worker sent me this clip from Portlandia which had me laughing so hard because it's so true! Alan had to convince me to watch the first episode because I couldn't believe that a show on the SyFy channel could be that good. But after the first one, I was hooked! Do you watch either shows? This clip makes me want to start watching Portlandia ASAP.

p.s. wow.

(Thanks, Suezinn!)


Unknown said...

BSG rocks.

Claire Star said...

Haha, Portlandia is a really fun show, but after watching the whole first six season (it's just six half-hours), I've come to the conclusion that it really needed to be edited down a bit. Like, only have two half-hours... but still, it's got some great sketches (like the Women and Women First, the organic/fair range restaurant/all the scenes with the mayor, but my favorite of all is the opening of the series, the Dream of the 90's is Alive in Portland song. sigh. ("I gave up clowning years ago!" "Sleep til eleven, you'll be in heaven!")

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