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Boccalone: Tasty Salted Pig Parts


Alan starts a 5-week project up in San Francisco tomorrow, so this weekend we did a test run of how long it would take to walk from the train station to his office. (Just 10 minutes!) Afterwards, we walked down the Embarcadero to have lunch in the Ferry Building. One of my very favorite places there is Boccalone, seller of “tasty salted pig parts.” (If that’s not the best tagline ever, I don’t know what is.) I highly recommend the soppressata, but if you’re feeling indecisive, they sell mixed salumi cones so you can sample a few different kinds. Once you get your salumi, you can eat it right outside and watch the sailboats out on the Bay.
 {mint green train—so cute}

Last modified: January 10, 2019