Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The art of eating pancakes

I never really thought I had a pancake-eating style until this weekend when a craving for Sunday morning pancakes hit and Alan whipped some up for us. This is how we like to eat our pancakes...

My Pancake Style
size: as big as silver dollars
butter: a small pat on top
syrup: lots and lots
eaten: one layer at a time

Alan's Pancake Style
size: as big as dinner plates
butter: a great big lathering on top and in between each layer
syrup: lots and lots
eaten: one layer at a time

Do you like yours big or small? And do you cut through the entire stack for each bite or eat them one layer at a time, too?

(photos by Quiet Like Horses)


2busy said...

I didn't have breakfast! Crap! Now I'm hungry. My pancakes are somewhere in between those two. A small pat of butter on each one and sugar free butter flavored syrup generously poured on.

Are those your pictures? They are great...

Astroshock said...

I dated a guy who would cut a square into the middle of his stack of pancakes and then pour the syrup into the center so that the pancakes would soak all the syrup up.

Makes me want a glass of milk.

Sobrina Tung said...

wow, that is brilliant!!

Andrea said...

Another part of your style: I've never seen them served in bowls before! My family butters each layer and then cuts them straight through top to bottom, each bite. Usually stacking 3 or maybe 2 at a time...but always on a dinner plate! Of course with enough syrup pooled around to dip into! Now I think I need to make pancakes this weekend!

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