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A story about two sisters


My sister Sophie is coming to visit this weekend! I’m playing hooky Monday and Tuesday (but not really because I totally requested it off and talked about it with my boss, but I like the way “playing hooky” makes me sound spontaneous and cool) so I can go tour a few colleges with her. She’s transferring this fall, and I’m so excited for her.

And, just because, here’s a random sisterly story about Sophie: A few years ago she was cast in a Wii in-store video advertisement. A few weeks before the filming, she came to visit me in L.A. where I convinced her we should both get our hair cut at the Vidal Sassoon training school in Santa Monica where the haircuts are cheap (but also sometimes wildly unpredictable). Since she has thick, thick hair, they buzzed the entire back of her head leaving a fringe of long hair in the front and a few spiky tendrils in the back. Even though we were both slightly shocked, I must say she was very composed and  rocked her rocker ‘do for a long time waiting a good few years for the back to catch up to the front. And never once did she blame me for saying that I was sure that’s where all the celebrities got their hair cut. At the filming, it turned out the on-set hair stylist was a genius at working with just a half head of hair and made it so you’d never know about her recent trip to Vidal. When the in-store video finally came out at Target and Best Buy, my dad and I would go and watch them with Sophie in tow, and I’d ask passersby if the girl in the video looked familiar which really embarrassed her to no end.

(image via The Life Styled)

Last modified: January 10, 2019