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Friday Flicks: Documentary Edition


If you’re in a documentary-watching mood this weekend, here are two I’ve really enjoyed. Coincidentally, they’re both about one of my favorite topics ever: food. 

I actually convinced Alan to watch Kings of Pastry with me last weekend. It’s about three professional chefs who are training to compete in this prestigious pastry competition, the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (aka Best Craftsmen in France). Winning and being named a MOF is an incredible achievement. It’s amazing to see how passionate and meticulous the chefs are about their craft. At one point near the end I actually cried. Alan called the movie heartbreaking. And, let’s not forget, it’s all about pastry. Have you ever cried while watching someone bake? That’s how intense this movie was. (Available on Netflix Watch Instantly)

I put off watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead for a long time because I think fad diets are kinda dumb. (It’s a movie all about juicing). But then one day I was at home sick, laying on my couch, and wishing for nothing more than to be able to breathe properly through my nose, and I decided to give it a go. It turned out to be a really good reminder of the power of micronutrients and made me more conscious about eating more fruits and veggies. It’s pretty interesting to see how the main characters’ bodies transform and how their health skyrockets from all that juice. (Available on Netflix Watch Instantly)

Do you watch documentaries? (Alan thinks they’re just so-so). Have you seen one or the other? Or any other good ones lately?

Last modified: January 10, 2019