Thursday, March 22, 2012

Office Talk: How do you stay fit working at a desk all day?

Now that swimsuit season is just a few months away, I'm trying to squeeze in exercise whenever I can. The hard part is that office life isn't very conducive to getting abs like this and I abhor the gym. In college I'd go to the gym every day—no matter what—which has left me with a permanent aversion. Luckily one healthy habit from college has stuck with me which is my love for walking. Everyone would complain about UCLA's hilly campus (I would, too), but looking back, being able to walk or take a short bus ride everywhere you needed to go was pretty rad. Since I've started working, I always try to find a friend to go on a lunch walk with me. I hit the jackpot at since just about my entire team likes getting out after lunch. We do a 1.8 mile loop almost every day. I know some people hate walking, but it's one of my favorite forms of exercise, especially when you consider that:

*you can do it almost anywhere
*all you need are a pair of comfy shoes tucked away in a desk drawer to get going
*you have time to talk to people you might not get to talk to that much during the day 
*if no one wants to walk with you, you have time to listen to an episode of This American Life
*it's refreshing
*it's free
*it spurs creativity

My 3 other tips for sneaking in office exercise: 
1) If no one's walking by, I'll sneak in this ab exercise in my office chair
2) When I had a cube tucked away in a corner, I was a big fan of conference call push-ups, though it's  harder to do them discretely in my current cube. 
3) When I worked in an office building, I'd sometimes take the stairs to the 15th floor.
4) And, not really an exercise tip for the office, but my co-worker Jill (who's in amazing shape) told me about this workout which she said was really intense. It looks like a fun way to switch things up.

Are you a gym buff or do you try to work exercise into your normal everyday activities? What do you do to stay fit? 

(top image via Breakers, bottom image by Shannen Norman via A Cup of Jo)


2busy said...

I'm a gym rat with my husband. That is how I TRY to stay fit. We hit it right after work then make up something lite for dinner.

Lately we haven't been able to make it due to first illness with him then my turn at illness. Believe me, the scale shows. Blah!

Sobrina Tung said...

That is a really good idea. If I did gym it up and went home first, I would never be able to get myself to leave again!

Stacy said...

I also hate the gym; I feel like it's a meat market when I'm there. I like to walk around at lunch and sit on an exercise ball throughout the day (it even started a trend!). I'm also really lucky that my company has recently offered a weekly boot camp to increase exercise. It's been super fun.

Anonymous said...

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