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tokketok happy notes
How was your weekend? Mine flew by. We spent all day Sunday battling our new Ikea bed, but we finally put it all together. (I wonder if anyone is really good at following Ikea’s illustrated directions or if it’s normal to have to re-do entire steps because you didn’t notice the first time that the board with the two tiny extra holes in the middle goes in the front and not the back of the bed.) Aside from the joy of finishing an Ikea project, here are a few other things making me happy.
pistachio macaron from cocola bakery
{best afternoon snack: an extra-large pistachio macaron from Cocola}
fresh apple orange kale juice
{fresh apple/orange/kale/asparagus juice which tasted ultra refreshing (you couldn’t even taste the veggies!) from my co-worker’s top-of-the-line juicer}
oxo garlic press
{a new garlic press with a built-in cleaning attachment for making more of this}

Last modified: January 10, 2019