Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Flicks: We The Tiny House People

tiny house in brooklyn
tiny victorian house
tiny modern house
The Tiny House Movement has been around for years, but when I first heard about it, it blew my mind. I always feel like we never have enough room, so to see people making do with just 400-600 sq. ft. of living space is really impressive (and makes our regular-sized 1 bedroom apartment feel like a sprawling mansion). A new documentary called We the Tiny House People: Small Houses, Tiny Flats and Wee Shelters was just released this week and offers a glimpse into these fascinating homes and the people who live in them. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube or the trailer here. I can't wait to watch it this weekend.  

tiny house stairs
tiny house kitchen
modern tiny house
modern cliffside tiny house

(Photos via Brownstoner, The Women's Eye, The Tiny Life, Tiny House Design, homedit, Homegrown, mnn)


2busy said...

Those are such unique homes. They would really have to live life with the less is more attitude. I think there is beauty in simplicity.

hello, Friday said...

Cute concept but I can't ever picture myself living in that space. xoxo

Anna said...

The first three houses are beyond adorable! I could live in them for a couple of days, or a vacation, but as yourself - probably not forever :)

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