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My adventure drawer


yellow table

Do you ever wonder what’s inside the drawers and cupboards when you’re at someone else’s house? I’m totally that person. Just for fun, and in case you’re the same way, here’s a peek at the drawer contents of the tiny table by our door where we throw our keys and stash our mail.

drawer contents

I keep business cards of faraway places I hope to visit one day (like Laduree!) and pictures of places I’ve been to and remember fondly.

adventure drawer

I call it my adventure drawer because of my postcard collection which is great for mentally transporting to an exciting place on a rainy day. Reading the notes on the backs always makes me laugh. (The postcard on the right of that amazing wave is half written on because my friend’s hand was “wet and slippery from just having played in the warm water.” Punk.)

mini comics

And there are mini comics, too, and other odds and ends, like my favorite fortunes (which I’m still waiting on, ha ha).

kaleidoscope view

My favorite is a kaleidoscope given to me by an old boss. I’ve always thought they were so magical.

Last modified: January 10, 2019