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Weeklies: 4/29-5/5


matching mani/pedi
{Mani/pedi in Essie Hot Spot—ready for sandal season!}
My mom always said that the older you get, the faster life seems to flash by. Do you find that to be true?(Or is it just that time flies when you’re having fun?) 😉 My weeks are starting to blend together into one Super Week, so these weekly snapshot posts serve as a nice reminder of all the highlights.
whimsical candy jars
{sweets, candy, & goodies: the cutest candy jars spotted at Icing on the Cake}
yellow striped tee by madewell

twisted chill ice cream truck
{Food Truck Day! Five different trucks came to work for lunch on Friday, including an ice cream truck. I had a triple scoop of young coconut, pralines and caramel, and mango ice cream on a waffle cone. Super good and super ridiculous.}
shrimp banh mi from big shrimp'n
{Shrimp banh mi from the Big Shrimp’n truck}
west elm butter dish
{pretty butter dish for making weekend toast even more delightful}

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