Monday, May 21, 2012

Weeklies 5/13-5/19

pink peony
{peony in a bubble vase}

Later this week my sister Sophie and my college roommate Sue will be visiting from out of town and staying with me for a few days. Sophie turns 21 on Friday, so I'm taking Thursday and Friday off to hang with her and do all of her favorite things. To prepare for my house guests, I've been cleaning like mad and stocking up the kitchen. I can't wait to see them. :)

{stocking the fridge with Izzes — did you know they make a watermelon flavor?! I had to try it.}

{a stash of the fruit roll-ups I remember Sue was obsessed with (to help her feel right at home)}

neon inspiration for working out and staying organized
{neon inspiration for working out and keeping organized}

vintage luggage
{my grandma's rad set of vintage luggage}


Sue said...

Awww Sobe! You're soooo sweet. I'm super excited to see your place and hang out with you. :) Can't wait to eat fruit roll ups and chit chat with you until our throats hurt. :)

Sobrina Tung said...

Yaaay, were these the right kind??

katie said...

Ahh I'm crazy about that vase!! It is adorable! Where can I get my hands on one of these?!

Sobrina Tung said...

Hi Katie, sorry for the delay! The vase is from Anthropologie :)

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