Thursday, June 14, 2012

Peach and Pea Sprouts Salad

Peach and Pea Sprouts Salad
Pea Sprouts Salad
The first time I had pea sprouts was in a Chinese restaurant a few years ago. They were lightly sautéed and simply prepared with just a little bit of garlic and oil, but they were delicious. Unlike spinach, wilted pea sprouts don't leave that dry-mouth feeling spinach sometimes does, and since they're stemmy, they retain a magnificent bite when cooked. They're my favorite vegetable right now, especially since I discovered I could buy a huge bag of them for just $1.50 at the Chinese supermarket. I've eaten them almost every day this week and still have more than half a bag left. I've wilted them for a quick side, put them in sandwiches, and—the winning recipe this week—tossed them in a salad with ripe peach slices, mini heirloom tomatoes, and Persian cucumbers for a refreshing first course.


juliangreenfield said...

Healthy snack.

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Pat Robinson said...
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Pat Robinson said...

Salads have always proved to be healthy. Cordon Bleu as well, with the various dressings available in the market.

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margaretbechly said...

I am a huge fan of peach and pea sprouts salad. I can eat it all day and all night.

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