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Vacation planning: Love it or hate it?


St. John beach
St. John crab

I love almost everything about vacationing—sleeping in, eating too many desserts, exploring around town—except for the planning aspect of it. I’ve managed to visit Jamaica, London, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Mexico all with minimal planning efforts thanks to spending vacations with friends and family who are the exact opposite and love to plan. This year, Alan and I are both itching to take a trip to Hawaii (I’ve never been and he could go on forever about the warm water there) but neither of us wants to plan it since it feels like such a chore. I’ve slowly been getting pumped up to sit down and do it (maybe this weekend?), or maybe we’ll just buy two plane tickets and figure the rest out later. Ha ha. Everyone else I know seems to love the planning part of vacations. How do you feel about it? Are you taking any trips this year?

(photos by Jamie Beck)

Last modified: January 10, 2019