Monday, June 4, 2012

Weeklies 5/29-6/3

kate spade gold clutch
{my new favorite clutch (thanks, Preethi!)}

The past few weeks have been so much fun they've flown by. I worked two 3-day work weeks in a row,   saw a bunch of my favorite people, and wore double polka dots in the middle of the week. It definitely feels like the start of summer.

serving water in apothecary bottles
{water served in apothecary bottles at Big Bottom Market}

double polka dots
{double dots}

under a redwood
{Sunday morning in the redwoods}

strawberry macaron
{the cutest strawberry macaron}

smitten ice cream
{an ice cream shop that uses liquid nitrogen to make its ice cream!}


Trude said...

Those macarons look amazing! And hooray for double dots. :)

Claire Star said...

Is the bracelet you're wearing in the polka dot picture from Anthropologie? I've been thinking of buying one of their Pinta cuff bracelets, but want to know how someone else liked it first. Either way, it's gorgeous!

Sobrina Tung said...

Trude, I think macarons are on my short list for what I'd want to eat as my last meal. why are they so good?!

Claire, yes it is the Pinta bracelet from anthro! I really really like it. It's nice and simple for everyday wear or stacking with a bunch of others.

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