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Weeklies 6/11-6/17


tube top and high-waisted shorts
{my “keep cool” outfit this weekend}
This weekend was insanely hot (Saturday was almost 100 degrees!), and since we don’t have AC, we  spent Saturday swimming at the pool and Sunday just lounging around. I haven’t worn a tube top in over a decade, but I’ve decided they’re super cute with high-waisted anything and are perfect for beating the heat. 
heart and stripes swimsuit
popping boba
{finally tried the “popping boba” in my froyo. like fruity caviar.}
top knot and red lips
{wearing red lips and a top knot for Friday night drinks}
pink peonies
{the hugest peony blooms—$1 a stem at Trader Joe’s!}
mussels and fries
{mid-week date in Half Moon Bay. we split the mussels and fries.}

Last modified: January 10, 2019