Monday, June 11, 2012

Weeklies 6/4-6/10

apothecary jars turned vases
Since the past few weekends have been pretty busy, spending this weekend close to home was just what I needed. I spruced up the mantel with these apothecary jars turned vases (from the Guerneville restaurant we ate at), lounged around in sweats, and dropped people off/picked people up from the airport (which is giving me a major travel itch). 

double-fisting ice cream
{my kind of double-fisting: strawberry cheesecake and oreo ice cream}

stila stay-all-day liner
{playing around with new liquid eye liner; my sister Sophie swears by Stila's!}

garden party cake
{this cake would be so pretty for a garden party}

sweatshirt tee
{Sunday + my love for sweatshirt-esque clothing = match made in heaven}


Nathalie said...

I like the flowers in the apothecary jars :)

Siv Kouth said...

Love your weeklies. I kind of miss your (mildly) roaring 20s, they were such great stories.

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