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An Indian/Western Wedding Weekend


I have lots of photos I’d love to share from my friend Preethi’s wedding this weekend, if you’d like to see. The wedding events started on Friday with a women’s henna party (which was kind of like a bridal shower), an elaborate Indian wedding on Saturday, and a Western wedding in Monterey on Sunday. 

The Indian wedding was super ornate. Just look at that cake! that tablecloth! the gold clothes! the garlands made of hundreds of tiny flowers looped around their necks! It was really very pretty. 
A close-up of Preethi’s hair…
I wore my first sari which consisted of a crop top and a long high-waisted skirt (which I’d probably wear on the regular) worn underneath yards and yards of thick bright fabric wrapped and folded round and round. (p.s. that’s Pearl who is one of my oldest friends and who knows the craziest people which always cracks me up).
blue glitter henna design
The henna party made me realize that dried henna looks like chocolate and that I could never commit to a tattoo, but it sure is pretty. 
There was even entertainment at the henna party! This one was a really cute dance number. 
Everyone took home sets of colorful bangles as part of their goodie bags.
Right after they tied the knot, as Birt was walking back down the aisle, one of his friends said, “Way to go, Birt,” which I thought was the funniest thing.  
pasadera country club wedding
The ceremony took place in this gorgeous courtyard with a fountain and ivy growing on all the buildings. 
pasadera country club wedding
cropped zara men's suit
The reception was in this building filled with lots of charm and character. Alan wore his new suit which I thought looked quite dapper. 
blue and white wedding cake

 Eating dinner with three forks always makes me feel really fancy.

blue and white wedding centerpiece
And lastly, another shot of Preethi’s hair—I love the braid!

With events spanning across three consecutive nights, this was one of the longest (and best 🙂 weddings I’ve ever been to. What’s the longest wedding you’ve been to?

(all photos taken by me, except for the very last one taken from Preethi’s Facebook)

Last modified: January 10, 2019