Monday, July 23, 2012

Weeklies 7/16-7/22

sweet paul summer 2012 issue
This past week was a busy one, and the weekend was even busier! Alan and I went to our friends' two-day wedding event which was so beautiful (pictures coming up later this week). In my spare time, I'd sneak in reading this issue of Sweet Paul—given to me by a super thoughtful friend—and sipping a cold glass of Tejava, which is my official beverage of choice this summer. Here are a few other highlights from my week...

Timex Easy Reader with cheetah print strap
{my first cheetah-print anything} 

elephant bookmark
{a chipper elephant bookmark) logo cupcakes
{celebratory cupcakes at work with the and Grocery iQ logos}

communication hill stairs
{running stairs: my new Saturday morning tradition with Nathalie}

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