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pip studio bowls

How was your week? Celebrating the Fourth of July on a Wednesday kept throwing me off and I woke up Thursday and Friday thinking it was Saturday! But then on Saturday (the real one) I helped throw a surprise birthday party for my cousin Nathalie which was really fun. While picking up her birthday cakes, I saw these pretty little bowls, above, which I plan to use as catch-alls for my bobby pins and other small trinkets. And here are a few other moments from my week…

{the reading chair of my dreams—sleek and super comfy}
passion fruit iced tea lemonade
{cooling off with passion fruit iced tea lemonade}
deer spotting
{deer spotting during a walk at dusk}
lavender bench
{a lavender bench for pondering dreams big (to be really good at something one day) and small (to eat something really good for dinner)}

Last modified: January 10, 2019