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The Table in Willow Glen


Last week, Alan and I went to The Table, a new restaurant that just opened up in Willow Glen. There’s something really exciting about ordering things off a menu you’ve never tried before. To start, we both ordered a fancy soda. Alan tried the sour cherry; I picked one made with elderflower and muddled summer peaches. It was the most refreshing and pleasant soda I’ve ever had! 
Everyone inside looked so happy: well-dressed couples on dates, a pair of sophisticated 11-year-old boys asking for more freshly ground pepper for their chicken, and groups of chatty friends. 
My favorite appetizer was the fresh pappardelle with hand-foraged mushrooms. (Hand-foraged = my new favorite food adjective). 
And my favorite entree was the beef cheeks which were really tender and full of a deep red-wine flavor. 

Last modified: January 10, 2019