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Weeklies 8/6-8/12


corner flower shop

Last week I noticed the sun setting earlier and earlier. It got me thinking about the end of summer which made me feel kinda sad. I know there’s still over a month left of my favorite season, but the blogosphere is already all abuzz with fall trends, and I’m just not ready to put my flip flops away. So I’m trying to squeeze as much summer fun as possible into the last of these long warm days.

This week, I stopped to admire these beautiful flowers, above, while out on a walk.

tide house mug club

I learned about mug clubs! Do you know about them? If you ever see lots of mugs hanging over a bar, chances are they’re part of a mug club. The one at the Tide House gets you your very own mug, a spot on the wall for your mug’s safekeeping, and discounts on your drinks.

love and joy sprinkles from the fairy cakes truck

I had a delicious cupcake from the super cute Fairy Cakes truck. I loved all the thoughtful touches, like how they offer free milk in paper cones and bright bits of joy and love to sprinkle on top of your treats. 

santa clara international pool

I practiced swimming with Alan, whose biggest advice to me is still to “just relax.”

cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine

I picked cherry tomatoes one night in Stacy’s backyard (she can grow tomatoes like nobody’s business) and then we sat outside eating them and talking about our days.

umami truffle cheese fries

I had a fry fest at Umami Burger which included truffle cheese fries, plain skinny fries, and an order of cheesy tots. The truffle fries were my favorite.

Last modified: January 10, 2019