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Do You Call Your Mother-in-Law Mom?


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princess diana and the queen

While I was getting my hair cut last weekend, I was talking to my hair stylist about her wedding plans when all of a sudden I just had to know: was she planning on calling her mother-in-law Mom? She laughed and said she’s going to keep calling her mother-in-law by her first name. I call Alan’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Pies, which sounds terribly formal when I say it out loud, but calling them by their first names also sounds weird to me. My cousin who’s been married for over four years still calls her in-laws Mr. and Mrs., too! Do people call their in-laws Mom and Dad anymore? Do you/will you? If not, what will you call them? I’m so curious.

(top photo by Brad Ross, bottom photo via Birmingham Mail)

Last modified: January 10, 2019