Friday, October 19, 2012

Adventures in Juicing

raspberry orange juice
hurom slow juicer review
Do you have a juicer? I've wanted one ever since I saw Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. A lot of my friends have started juicing recently, too, which made me want one even more. So, the other week, I finally got one! I got the Hurom Slow Juicer—which my friend Roy also has and really likes—and was super excited to start using it (think about all those micronutrients!). It's really easy to use and clean; I've been juicing almost every day. My standard juice so far consists of a ton of kale and spinach, half an orange, and half an apple. And on the weekends, I'll make freshly-squeezed orange juice which, for some reason, feels really decadent and awesome.

(Juice in top picture: raspberry orange; juice in bottom picture: kale, spinach, apple & orange)


ihaq1111 said...

the best juice i think is apricot however peaches, raspberries,pineapple and apricot would be a real rush...i dont know about kale and spinach though unless u are short on pakistan we also drink a lot of mango

Sobrina Tung said...

I never would have thought to juice apricot, but mango juice sounds super delicious. Kale and spinach in juice isn't so bad at all--with the orange and apple you can't even taste it! :)

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