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Do You Know Your Neighbors?


Are you friends with your neighbors? I always thought it’d be fun to have the kind of neighbors who chat over the fence or bump into each other at the market. But, since San Jose’s a sprawling city, we usually see our neighbors outside their houses and rarely anywhere else. So, I’m always tickled whenever we find out someone else we know lives nearby. Last year, we found out our friend Brandon lives seven houses down from us. Then, this past weekend, Alan’s co-worker (also named Alan, funnily enough) from his new job was standing on our doorstep with a package the mailman accidentally delivered to his house. His house is just five down from us! What are the chances?! We don’t have block parties or dinner dates, but it still makes me feel really happy to know people in the neighborhood. It’s almost like we live in Stars Hollow 😉

How are your neighbors? Does it make you feel as weirdly happy as it makes me to know them?

(Top image by Roost, bottom image via Pinterest)

Last modified: January 10, 2019