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The Addams Family Halloween


Halloween is a big deal at work—the costumes this year were no joke. We dressed up as the Addams Family, and our cubicles became the Addams Family mansion. It was so much fun. Here are some pictures from the day if you’re in need of some Halloween inspiration. 

{the mansion reminds me of the giant fort I always wanted to build as a kid}
{our graveyard}

We sang and danced to a rendition of the Addams Family theme song and Gangnam Style that one of our designers brilliantly re-wrote to be Coupons.com-specific. (You rock, Amanda). We took first place!

Now, check out the competition…

{an owl}
{a guy with a hole through his chest—if you looked through the front, you could see the people standing on the other side!}
{Wizard of Oz—I love, love, love the Wicked Witch of the East}
{a lamb—the best cotton ball costume I’ve ever seen. her “ears” are so cute}
{it wouldn’t be Halloween without zombies!}
{a software pirate, ha ha!}
{Nathalie made 300 cake pops!}
 {the jungle}
{Frida nails the unibrow}

What did you dress up as this year? And is this crazy or does your company go all out, too? 

Last modified: January 10, 2019