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The Unsexiest Gift Guide: Presents for Practical People


One day I was talking to Nathalie about gifts we’d love but would never buy ourselves. Nathalie wanted a full set of glass tupperware, and I wanted matching wood hangers for my entire closet. It turned out the things we wanted weren’t extravagant at all but exactly the opposite: We wanted practical things we could use. So, in case you’re shopping for a very sensible person, or if you’re a pragmatic person yourself, I’ve pulled together a list of my favorite practical products of all time. I present to you the 2012 Unsexiest Gift Guide. (It even has a dry-heel treatment on it. Don’t say you weren’t warned! 🙂

French jelly jars
French jelly jars for flowers

Aside from being sturdy drinking glasses, French jelly jars (with easy snap-on lids) are amazing for storing chopped-up fruit, shaking up homemade salad dressing, and holding flowers. I use mine to store fresh-squeezed juice, but they could be used for storing almost anything. ($3.25/glass)

natural nails
nailtiques formula 2 review

Nailtiques Formula 2 is a clear nail protein that strengthens brittle, cracked, splitting nails. My nails would break even if I undid my seatbelt the wrong way, but since I’ve started using this they’ve been strong and healthy. ($13)

tempur-neck pillow review

My mom first introduced me to Tempur-Pedic countoured pillows when I told her I was waking up with neck and shoulder pain. Ever since I’ve started using one, I sleep like a dream. I even got Nathalie to switch to one when she was having neck pain (which has since gone away). They come  in different shapes and sizes for back sleepers and side sleepers. ($89-$159)

body back buddy review

Giving a Body Back Buddy is like giving an insta-masseuse that works on call 24/7. I love mine.  ($34.95)

heel tastic review

Even though it’s almost winter and we’re far from sandal weather, who doesn’t want to slip between flannel sheets with soft smooth heels? At first, I was skeptical about Heel Tastic, but it really is the bee’s knees. The PedEgg doesn’t hold a candle to this. ($10.50)

resolve stain stick review

Resolve Laundry Stain Stick has saved so many shirts from spaghetti sauce and coffee accidents I can’t even imagine what the state of our closets would like without it. My favorite part is that you just apply it to your stains, throw your clothes in the hamper, and wash them a week later when it’s actually laundry day. ($7.44 for a pack of three)

cutest mini vaseline

Mini Vaseline: What I wear on my lips each morning and night. Each jar lasts a lifetime, and now it comes in the teeniest mini jar! I love how there are 156 reviews on Amazon esteeming the cute packaging. ($2.99)

(Second French jelly jar photo by Buckets of Burlap)

Last modified: January 10, 2019