Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who Would You Pick to Be Your Bridesmaids?

I've always wondered how people pick their bridesmaids. Would you pick your best friends? Your sisters? Here are three different ways you could choose—I find them all intriguing!

1) Don't have any. I always thought I'd have a few bridesmaids, but this summer I went to my friend Preethi's wedding and loved that she didn't have a wedding party. It was just her and her husband standing together, and it looked so sweet and intimate. "The main reason I decided to not have bridesmaids was that we had two weddings, and we wanted to keep it simple," Preethi said.

2) Choose a mix of friends and family. When my cousin Denise got married, she picked her sister-in-law, two friends who had a "calming effect" on her, and me and our cousin Nathalie. "Originally, I wanted just my cousins to be my bridesmaids. Unfortunately, Justin had more than two groomsmen so I had to pick two of my friends as well. It was a really tough decision because I have so many friends that I wanted to include, but I wanted to keep the wedding party small," she said.

3) Pick a good friend from each important stage in your life. My friend Pearl told me about this option which I think is brilliant. You could pick your friend from jr. high whom you used to write 3-page notes to (front and back) during history class, your college friend who you'd stay up late watching Sex and the City and eating Cheetos with, and your friend from your early 20s who consistently made you feel better about not knowing what to do with your life. It would be wonderful to be surrounded by all the women who've played a role in shaping the person you are today.

Who would you choose? Or, if you're married, who did you choose? 

(bottom image by Leah Kua via Green Wedding Shoes)


Rachel said...

I had six- two sisters, two friends, two cousins.

katie said...

I am nowhere near getting married, but I have thought about what it would be like not to have any bridesmaids. I've been a bridesmaid in a wedding (1 out of 7) and it just seemed like too much confusion, drama, fuss, etc. My kind of wedding would be a small, intimate gathering, and not having bridesmaids seems to compliment that aesthetic. That, or maybe just a few close friends/relatives, depending on this hypothetical man I'm getting married to and his groomsmen ;)

Sue said...

I vote #3! :)

Michelle (soontobe) Korb said...

I have six. My sister as MOH, two best friends from high school, and my three best female friends nowadays.
Coincidentally, the last photo you used makes me super excited about how my girls will look... they are all picking their own wedding ensembles, and those pictured are my weddings colors! :)

Denise said...

The 3rd idea is so clever! Thanks for sharing!

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